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Make your High Tea extra special with our unique add ons. 


Tea Blending Workshop

During this session you will learn the art and science behind blending the perfectly balanced cup of tea. Experiment with a variety of aromas, textures and flavours. Your accredited Tea Sommelier will guide you through the basics and teach you about ingredients, flavour combinations as well as allowing you to blind taste a number of blend creations. Not only will you walk away with new found knowledge and skill, you will get to take home your unique blend in an amber jar, suitable to give away as a beautiful gift or as a keep-safe.


  • Uncover the secrets behind tea blending from a Tea Sommelier 
  • Experiment with a variety of ingredients
  • Take home your creation in a hand-made jar


  • 1 hour workshop in a private room during your 2 hour High Tea Event

$30 per person


  • Anytime for groups of 12 guests or more 
  • Last Sunday of every month at 10am for less than 12 guests 
calligraphy class.jpg

Calligraphy workshop

Move over Times New Roman, Calligraphy is the new girl in town. And she has a whole lot more personality and sass. In this workshop, you’ll learn from a graphic designer the fundamental drills and techniques to begin your own calligraphy journey. At the end of the workshop you get to take home a series of worksheets, a special calligraphy pen, your finished calligraphy masterpiece, and a new found skill you can continue to practice at home. 


  • Learn the motions of calligraphy lettering
  • A take home calligraphy pack of worksheets, paper and pen 


  • 1 hour workshop during your 2 hour High Tea Event

$30 per person (min. 12 guests) 


  • Anytime for groups of 12 guests or more 


FLower Crown workshop 

Channel your inner Marie Antoinette with a beautiful flower crown as you sip tea and eat cake. During this session you will be guided by a professional florist to assemble your very own flower crown to take home with you. 


  • Flower crown workshop led by a professional florist
  • Sit at a beautiful table decorated with pretty petals
  • Take home your flower crown 


  • A 1 hour class during your 2 hour High Tea Event

$50 per person (min 8 guests)

Other Add Ons

Minimum of 2 guests
Can be requested at time of booking or on the day