5 Signs That You Like Cake More Than People

1.     When you’re forced to go out to a birthday party and you oblige under one condition.
You know your rights and you are going to fight for them.

2.     When you start putting your health first and swap your morning tea cupcake with carrot cake.
It’s 1 serve of your 5 a day.


3.     Your friend’s stop inviting you to events for reason’s like ‘you’re embarrassing’ and ‘you can’t be trusted at the dessert table unsupervised’.
But you’re not even mad.

4.     When your people communication skills are lacking but you can bake up a storm.
Saving household relations since the beginning of time.

5.     You wonder whether you’ll ever run out of cakes to dress up as for costume parties.
“Didn’t you go as a cake for Halloween last year?”
“Uh, last year I was a macaron and this costume is quite clearly choc-vanilla ice-cream cake.


Photo Credit: Studio DIY

Photo Credit: Studio DIY