6 creative ways to use flowers!

1.     Ceiling decorations

We spend so much time decorating our homes: the walls, the coffee table, the kitchen bench. It’s about time the ceiling got some TLC. Plus, it’s hard to be negative when you’re always looking up (at your beautiful ceiling installation).


2.     DIY Rose Water

If you’re unsure of what to do with all the bunches of roses that have been delivered to your door (or you’ve bought for yourself because hey, you deserve them), whip up a batch of rose water. It’s full of antioxidants and its hydrating properties and scent make it the perfect body toner. It also makes a great addition to a delicious iced tea.


3.     Floral Ice Cubes

Floral ice cubes are the simplest way to make your ice buckets pop with colour or to jazz up your freezer. Is there any better way to make your life look put together than to have an iced garden at your disposal? Nope.


4.     Flower Crowns

Make yourself feel like the queen you are. They’re gorgeous and give an all-day-long floral scent. NOTE: In the event that you are wearing your crown outside, we recommend scouting the area for bee hives at least 45 minutes prior to event. You’re welcome!


5.     Centre Pieces

There is nothing that makes a table look as fresh and elegant as a floral centre piece. Nothing.


Mary Eats Cake

6.     Petal your plate

We confess. Our High Tea Chef has an obsession with petals on petit fours. When it looks this good, how can you not?!

Mary Eats Cake High Tea