High Tea Pairing

When pairing any type of food dish, there are three types of flavour combinations: flavours that compliment, flavours where one enhances the other and flavours that contrast. We use these same principles when pairing our High Tea and tea degustation.

As per High Tea tradition, we begin our High Tea with the savoury items on the tier. How appropriate that we also begin with the Brunswick Breakfast tea – a blend of four different black teas and a traditional tea lover’s staple. The bold, brisk, and rich flavour notes of this tea are used to bring out the flavours within the creamier items of your High Tea, such as our two-bite mushroom and leek quiche or the vanilla pastry cream inside our seasonal fruit tart.

The Mint Variation tisane follows, bringing an aromatic blend of peppermint, spearmint, provincial lavender and lemon nuances to the table. This light and versatile tea compliments the mint flavour notes of our chocolate, mint and matcha opera cake as well as the lemon myrtle meringue tart.

The most fun flavour pairing is contrasting. This can often be risky as it polarizes the taste buds but every so often, a combination is discovered that makes people wonder how they had never thought of it earlier (a pot of chocolate, chili chai, anyone?)

Our favourite combinations are currently:

Our salted lemon tart
The partnering of strawberry jam and beetroot on our finger sandwiches.

Pairing High Tea with a tea degustation is an essential component in creating an exquisite culinary experience. The good news? We’ve taken the responsibility off your plate. All you need to do is sit, sip and enjoy.