Tea in the Yarra Valley

Recently Mary’s co-founder and Tea Sommelier, Sarah, sat down with writer Lindy Schneider and spoke about all things tea.

“Tea light flames twinkle under delicate glass teapots on each table and keep the golden liquid at the perfect drinking temperature. Every tea casts its own golden glow- colours range from pale straw, to rose-gold, from burnished amber to rich cherries and burgundies - the colours of autumn and the colours of the earth. If it is true that we eat with our eyes, then the same is true for drinking an exquisitely brewed cup of tea” - Lindy Schneider for Mary Eats Cake (Yarra Valley & Ranges Autumn Edition).


To read the full article, along with other great stories, you can purchase the Autumn edition here.

Tea is of the earth, so it brings with it the environment of its origin. Just as terroir influences a wine, so too does it influence tea
— Sarah de Witt