5 reasons why we love winter in Melbourne

Winter in Melbourne has begun, and it can sometimes feel like a battle to face the icey mornings, rainy days, and gusty winds that accompany this season. But for all the unpredictable weather patterns, there's an opportunity to embrace the diversity that this cold season brings! Here are the top 5 reasons we love winter in Melbourne:

Winter fashion

It's time to dress up in your best coat, pop on those gorgeous boots, and step out in a different type of style. We're blessed with some fabulous local designers, and there is a lovely feeling about being adorned in cosy fabrics such as cashmere and wool, whilst feeling oh so elegant.

Winter_Fashion (1).jpg


Melbourne is the capital of culture and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to the arts. From the NGV, to the Arts Centre, to the Melbourne Museum and every small independent gallery in between... we have many places to bask in the gloriousness of visual art on a rainy winters day.


Seasonal produce

A change in menus satisfy both the body and the mind. Seasonal produce such as pumpkin, leeks and rhubarb take centre stage in many an establishment. And more time indoors calls for those incredibly delicious slow cooked meals, hearty soups and warming tonics.

Winter_Meal (1).jpg


What would life be like without that beautiful feeling of being toasty? There are not many things that feel as wonderful as a warm blanket paired with a hot choccy. Oh, and don't forget the marshmallows!

Open_Fireplace (1).jpg

Seasonal activities

Whilst we all love a trip to Queensland, variety is the spice of life. There is no denying that Melbourne’s weather change brings about a fabulous range of seasonal activity options. From the winter markets, to the hot springs and ice skating… there are so many wonderful things to do.

Melbourne_Market (1).jpg

Are you looking for your next cosy winter activity? Our menu is scrumptiously tailored for the winter months. Gather your friends and family together for a winter warming High Tea at Mary Eats Cake!