Meet the Founders

The Mary Eats Cake throne is a joint throne with each woman weaving their own intricate narrative of knowledge, experience and an unwavering passion for the celebration of High Tea.

Jess is Le Cordon Bleu trained and has always loved to bake. She found her passion reignited when working in London as a patisserie chef. The origins of traditional British High Tea inspired Jess’ creativity for the new High Tea menu. Her unusual and delicious flavour combinations and vibrantly coloured sweets burst off our High Tea tier to perfectly encapsulate and showcase both her personality and Mary’s – fun-loving whilst elegant, personable, poised and mindful of etiquette (our favourite kind of tea guest).

For Sarah, her love of tea - the production, preparation, sharing and consumption of tea all inclusive, has only grown with each endeavor. This love, combined with her degree in psychology and perfume nose training in France, has allowed her to perfect the combination of quality tea with relaxation, personal meditation and also celebration. Sarah’s artisan loose leaf tea range ‘Impala and Peacock’ has been a Melbourne favourite since establishment in 2014 and she is proud to have it as a key feature of the experience at Mary Eats Cake. The tea in High Tea has forever been of utmost importance for Sarah, as it has the capability to “enhance the food experience”.

The fusion of Jess’s edible art and Sarah’s hand-crafted blends enjoyed within the bright, spacious venue shows that, in Mary’s world, you can have your cake and eat it too.