Melbournes Best Mother's Day High Tea

“Mother’s day is a wonderful time of year and this was my favourite theme so far”(Jessica Hillbrick, Mary Eats Cake, Director)

This year's La Dolce Vita themed Mother’s Day event did not disappoint. After months of planning everything from decor to desserts ‘It was wonderful to see our vision finally coming together’- Carly, Special Events Manager. 


With the help of our friends at Always Eventive and Little Flower Shoppe the teams transformed our Melbourne High Tea venues into a mediterranean oasis with lemons and gorgeous blues creating the most beautiful and special atmosphere. 

The whole team was all excited for the first day of the event. The kitchen team who had worked on developing the specialty menu for months were finally seeing their beautiful food plated and served to customers even in spite of the discovery 1700 of the beautiful basque cheesecakes were underbaked the morning prior . “I am a very stubborn person, I may have had a meltdown but we made it work and baked 1700 more cheesecakes” Gianna, Chef de partie 

Whilst the kitchen team was a problem solving the front of house staff were testing themselves on their knowledge of new menu items and before we knew it our first guests were arriving. So joyful and in awe of the beautiful settings taking family photos and indulging in the delicious new menu. 

From hand writing notes to pouring sparkling wine the team worked tirelessly over the rest of the week to give everyone the best experience they could. "We love seeing people making it a tradition to attend year after year, for some guests it was their third year in a row. We even had a group that were celebrating their mother who was in her 90s” (Paola, Venue Manager at Brunswick)

After a week of early mornings and late nights dishing up the best High Tea in Melbourne, and  baking over 1400 scones for people to enjoy at home, the team finished Sunday afternoon exhausted with cocktails in hand reflecting on the week that had been, with only one question in mind- ‘What’s next year going to look like?’ 


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