'Italian Summer' Bridal Shower

This beautiful bridal shower was a unique theme chosen by the bride-to-be Daniella. Mary had a ball hosting such a momentous occasion, of which all of Daniella’s friends and family enjoyed so much. Our Brunswick venue offered bright and light space which was elegantly styled with bright florals, with tones of reds throughout. The tiniest details were taken into consideration, and overall it was a very memorable event for all involved. Read about Daniella's experience below:

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1. What was the theme of your event?

Bridal Shower: The theme for the bridal shower was 'Italian Summer' as we were going to Italy for our honeymoon so I wanted to tie that all in together.

2. Why did you choose to host your event at Mary Eats Cake?

The moment I saw Mary Eats Cake in Brunswick I loved the space. I really wanted a high tea event as my bridal shower and the venues style was just perfect for what I had in mind. I could see exactly how I wanted it to look and was able to achieve it.


3. If you could have invited any high tea guest to your function (alive or dead) who would it be?

I would have loved to have my two beautiful grandmothers who have sadly passed away. I know they would have loved it.

4. If you were to pick three words to describe your event at Mary what would they be?

Bright, fun and happy.

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5. What was your favourite thing about your event at Mary Eats Cake?

The event as a whole was so special. Every element came together and I was so happy. it was everything I wanted in my bridal shower.

6. Do you have a cute personal story you are happy to share about the event?

On the morning of the bridal shower I drove off with the welcome sign resting on the top of the car which I had placed there the night before so I wouldn't forget it! I got to the end of the street and remembered it was on the roof of the car!! my heart dropped, I turned around so fast to find it on the road out the front of my house. Luckily it was wrapped in plastic and was in perfect condition!

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Mary's favourite hens, kitchen tea and bridal shower themes

There's no denying that a hens party, bridal shower or kitchen tea has to be one of the most exciting parties to organise, and from Mary's perspective... to host! A bridal event is a monumentus occasion with a brides tribe to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of two in love. With all of the excitement, why not make it extra special by making it themed?! Here's some of Mary's favourite ideas to make bridal events just that extra special.



The 1920's was a wonderfully glamourous eara. The parties were roaring and decadent, and the fashion was fabulous from head to toe. This theme calls for gorgeous flapper dresses, feathered headbands and pearls. Mary also believes that vintage glasswear makes the bubbly taste just that much better.

Bridal theme.jpg

Wedding colors

Start celebrating the big day with a party that incorporates the same colour pallet as the wedding! Theme the room with hints Iof this colour, and invite your guests to wear it too.


Sweet love

You're celebrating the love of two people, so it is completely fitting to create a space that is classic and romantic. Think pastle pinks, love hearts and sweet treats. Pop a bottle of bubbly with the group and raise a toast for the bride-to-be!

Floral Wonderland.jpg

Floral wonderland

Filling a room with seasonal florals is a divine way to create a lavish setting. Decorate your event with flowers that provide bursts of colour, and allow your guests to take home bunches so they can enjoy them after the party too! Flower crowns are very popular, and are a great activity for guests of all ages to take part in.

Sparkle Bling.jpg

Sparkle bling

Everyone loves a bit of sparkle. Add a bit of glitter on your invitations and suggest a dress theme such as 'glittery glam'. To complete this look, ask that your guests wear a touch of bling such as big sparkly earrings or necklaces. Scattering glitter across a table settings can also look very effective.

Bring your themed event to one of Mary's private High Tea function rooms. Mary can even decorate your room with a preimum flower package!

Mary's Top 3 Favourite Cocktails

It's no secret that Mary loves a French Sparkling, but one can't go wrong with a cocktail that includes gin. This distilled alcoholic spirit derives its fabulous flavour from juniper berries and is one of the broadest categories of spirits. There are so many gin origins, styles, and flavour profiles to choose from when creating a cocktail, so we've narrowed it down for you to the top 3 in the floral, citrus and bubbly categories!

Elderglower Cocktail.jpg

Elderflower Collins

Are you a fresh and fruity type? Do you opt for a fragrant floral hint? If so... the Elderflower Collins is for you!

You'll need:

50ml gin

20ml lemon juice

10ml sugar syrup

10ml elderflower cordial

Soda to your liking

Put on your favourite song and shake up the gin with the lemon, sugar and a dash of elderflower cordial. Pour over ice and finish it off with your desired amount of soda water. Make it pretty with a sprig of your favourite herb. If you’re feeling a little more flamboyant, then top it up with sparkling wine to make an Elderflower Royale.



For the more classic type, a negroni is the ultimate aperitif. A cocktail with sweet bitter hints, to sip and enjoy slowly.

You'll need:

30ml gin

30ml sweet vermouth

30ml campari

Orange wedge

Whilst it only takes a moment, pour all ingredients into a rocks glass over ice. Stir gently and garnish with a fresh orange wedge.

French 75.jpg

French 75

Simple but gorgeous, and perhaps Mary's favourite. The French 75 is matched well to the sophisticated who want a bit of va voom to their drink.

You'll need:

30ml gin

20ml lemon juice

10ml sugar syrup

Sparkling wine

Garnish with a lemon twist

Perhaps best made during a soirée, combine the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup direct to a cocktail shaker. Shake it up and and strain into a champagne flute and top up with your favourite sparkling wine. Finish to look off with a long, thin twist of lemon.

Do you love gin as much as Mary? Join the team at Mary Eats Cake for the upcoming Gin High Tea series commencing Aug 23rd 2019.