A style guide to create a perfect DIY Bridal Shower at home

The team at Mary Eats Cake know a thing or 10 about Bridal Showers. One thing we know for sure is that each Bridal Shower needs to pop with a unique flair of the bride to be. So we’ve partnered with our friends that style events for a living (it’s a hard life) to share some goodies with you. Below, Laura and Lisa from Fox & Robin bring you 4 tips for creating the perfect Bridal Shower at home.

1.     Ask the Bride if she has any ‘must-have’ elements for her day. This could be a colour scheme, decorative elements, or general feel. Ask her for images to compile a mood board (we love Pinterest) that captures the overall look and feel she’s after.

2.     Make a list of different elements needed. These could be table linens, flowers, interactive decorative pieces etc… Focus on the elements you feel will contribute to a memorable day by numbering them in order of importance.

3.     Source elements and style! Get creative with where you source elements from. Don’t shy away from op shops, markets, $2 shops, and hard rubbish – you never know what treasure you can make from someone else’s “I’ve–seen–you-before”!

4.     Get Contrasting. For a fun, fresh look, try mismatched metals or patterns for a fun whimsical vibe. Or use neutral tones and minimal décor for a clean, sleek look. Just remember to have fun with it, the bride will love the effort you have put in to make her feel special no matter what.

Well there you have it Sweeteas. 

If at any time the dread of hand painting pink peonies on a restored provincial frame hand crafted to loosely hang over the flower installation next to the over sized balloons each authentically laden with sparkles get a bit much. Remember, you can count on us to do the hard work for you so you can eat more cake.

Love Mary, Lisa, and Laura x