Macarons vs macaroons

macaron vs macaroon

The other day Mary was talking to a friend about baking macarons. For those of you that have attempted to make macarons before you will understand the love, sweat, tears, threats, anger and swear words that arise when pursuing the arduous delicate task of making these delicious suckers. Getting the feet right (the ruffles on the edge) or ensuring the shell does not crack is no easy feat. 

But then Mary's friend said this. 

"I make Macaroons all the time and it's not that hard, I'm not sure why you find it difficult". 

Oh no she didn't.

So here it is folks, the difference between a MACARON and her uglier step sister the MACAROON. 


  • It is French (in fact first created by the Chef of Catherine de Medici in France)

  • A round cookie-like shape with delicate shells that envelope a soft centre filling

  • Must have a 'foot' which is a crackly ringlet that surrounds the base and top shell

  • The shell that hugs the centre filling should crackle and crumble with sensitivity and grace as you bite down on it

  • The inside filling should be soft and almost meringue-like in texture

  • The base is made from almond

  • It is difficult to make


  • It is Italian

  • A circular cake-like shape that is crumbly

  • Traditionally made from nuts (usually almond) and shredded coconut

  • The texture is crunchy and chewy

  • It is easy to make

And here's a visual for you:

macaron vs macaroon vs macron